Variable Message Sign (VMS) Structures

Variable Message Signs - Neumann Contractors - TMR Approved Steel Fabricator

Variable Message Signs are the safest means for notifying motorists of changes in traffic patterns and road conditions.

Neumann Contractors as a TMR approved Steel Fabricator have been involved in the supply of the steel fabricated VMS structures throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

We take care of the complete supply of the sign structure which can consist of the following:

  • Reinforcement cages,
  • HD Bolt Assemblies c/w with test results to applicable standards,
  • Hot Dip Galvanized structure c/w trail assembly post galvanizing to ensure fitment,
  • Fitment of VMS Sign in our yard to reduce site installation time,
  • Freight of complete structure to site.

Recent clients include : 

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Neumann Contractors are also able to supply Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coatings services to suit your fabrication requirements.

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TMR Registered Steel Fabricator

Neumann Contractors - Steel Fabrication is a registered Level 3* Steel Fabricator for the Queensland - Department of Transport and Main Roads in the following areas:

  • Truss bridges,
  • Rolled steel girders,
  • Overhead fabricated gantries,
  • Traffic and balustrade rail,
  • Bridge throw screens,
  • Road side mounted sign gantries,
  • Bridge restraint angles,
  • Bearing attachment plates,
  • Traffic sign slip base poles,
  • Fabricated noise barrier posts,
  • Galvanised steel cover plates,
  • Gates,
  • and other miscellaneous steel fabrication

Note Level 3 is the highest level of qualification - * Level 3 -  A supplier who has consistently supplied product in accordance with the TMR specification for a period of 2 years.

What is a Variable Message Sign?

A Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a traffic control device used for warning, routing and managing traffic. VMS display electronically generated messages that can be changed to display predefined or free text information, figures and symbols. VMS are designed to affect the behaviour of motorists (thus improving the flow of traffic) by providing real-time traffic related information.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) have been used on Queensland and New South Wales motorways, highways and major arterial roads for some years now. Their effectiveness depends on proper design (including conspicuity and legibility), placement, message design, display of the best message for the conditions and motorist understanding of the messages.

Neumann Contractors have fabricated many Variable Message Signs (VMS) that have been erected all over Queensland and New South Wales.  There are several types and styles that can be fabricated to order depending upon the location and specific requirements of the client, generally we fabricate:

  • Permanent Variable Message Sign (VMS) - generally mounted on roadside or overhead gantries on highways, motorways and major arterials, capable of displaying multiple lines of textural information;
  • Enhanced (permanent) VMS - similar to permanent VMS in terms of installation locations, however capable of displaying graphics and symbols (that generally conform to the MUTCD) in addition to multiple lines of textural information;

Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be used in a number of ways including: 

  1. Warnings of hazards or unexpected conditions (Category 1) 
  2. Emergency Alerts (Category 1E) 
  3. Child Abduction Alert (Amber Alert) (Category 2) 
  4. Traffic management information (Category 3) 
  5. Travel information (Category 4) 
  6. Filler messages, including road safety messages, general transportation messages and community benefit messages. (Category 4)