Superior Coal – Tailings Dredging

Principal: Superior Coal Limited

Location: Gladstone, Queensland

Contract Value: $900,000

Completion Date: February 2011

Neumann Contractors were engaged as Dredging Contractors to carry out the dredging works to clear a pond 150 meters wide, 650 meters long of coal tailings that washed in over several years. The coal tailings, ranging from fine silt to approximately 70mm in size, were pumped to a screening and washing plant for recovery and then placed in stockpiles in the coal storage area.

Scope of Work:

  • Mobilise to site 1 x 250mm Dredge [Dredge 009], 600 meters of [200mm-250mm] pipeline and associated equipment
  • Dredging fine to medium sized coal tailings
  • Dredge material to be pumped to screening Plant


  • Pumping material at a slow rate 100 litres/second
  • Uneven floor to dredge, rocky and hard material floor
  • Blockages [rocks] in the booster and pipeline
  • Maintaining consistent feed rates to the plant