GPC - Tug Berth & Channel Dredging

Principal: Gladstone Ports

Location: Gladstone, Qld

Contract Value: $5,500,000

Completion Date: November 2012

Scope of Work

Neumann Contractors scope included the dredging of approximately 300,000 m3 from the Gladstone Harbour to clear material for a new tug berth area. The dredging of material of very hard clays, cobbles, gravel and a very course river sands from the tug berth area.  The material was pumped 1200 meters through a 400mm pipe and a booster pump to a stockpile area. 

The operation was completed on a 24 hour, 7 day week basis.


Neumann Contractors experimented with various diameter bucket wheels, positioning of cutter teeth for better performance from the dredge and pumps because of the indifference of material types on the project. Reduced discharge pipe to deposit material further away in the fill area. Different techniques in batter cutting due to the material types.


  • Weather and sea state conditions.
  • Dredging unpredictable material. Very stiff clays, gravel, cobbles and course river sands.
  • Wear and tear on machinery and equipment.
  • Strict dredging tolerances and programme.
  • Dealing with other marine vessels.