Cullen Bay - Bhagwan Marine

Darwin Port Harbour - Maintenance dredging

Principal: Bhagwan Marine Pty Ltd

Location: Cullen Bay, Darwin - Northern Territory

Contract Value: 1,100,000

Completion Date: July 2018

Bhagwan Marine hired Neumann Contractors to design and build a 250mm cutter suction dredge the Nu-Investigator and a 250mm booster station to complete 100,000m3 of maintenance dredging in the access channel to the Cullen Bay ferry terminal in Darwin. To achieve the desired results Neumann modified the dredge specifically for the project by increasing the pump size to 300mm and fabricating a new extended 300mm ladder to increase the maximum dredging depth to 8 metres.

The Dredge Nu-Investigator is pictured below:

Nu Investigator is a 250mm Cutter Suction Dredge weighing 23 Tonnes