Corridor Sands - Resource Dredging

Principal: Corridor Sands

Location: Woongoolba, Queensland

Contract Value: ongoing

Completion Date: ongoing

The CSD Nu Ultra has been working on a permanent basis at Corridor Sands since 2009. 

Corridor Sands pride themselves on supplying premium quality sands, excellent customer service and fast, efficient loading.  The Nu-Ultra is able efficiently supply raw sand to the production plant where quality; washed sand, fill sand and brickies loam is produced. 

Corridor Sands’ river sand resource is strategically located next to the Logan River and the transport corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, enabling us to cover the Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Gold Coast areas.

The large sand reserve will ensure supply of high quality washed sand, fill sand, bedding sand and brickies loam to the concrete, asphalt, quarry, construction, building and landscaping industries for many years to come.

We are conveniently located two kilometres past the Rocky Point Sugar Mill, only 15 kilometres from the M1 motorway.

Corridor Sands has received Queensland Department of Main Roads Quarry Assessment and Certification approved.

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