Neumann Contractors operates a fleet of cutter suction dredges of varying capacity.  Neumann dredges are high technology cutting and recovery machines and have a reputation for performance in specific contracts for civil, infrastructure, mining and reclamation works.

Neumann dredges are de-mountable and can be cost effectively transported to remote sites around the world.  Dredges have been designed & manufactured for overseas countries eg. Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, India and Jordan.

These dredges have been successfully used for the removal of sand, gravels, clays, slimes and weathered rock, and mine tailings.  In harbour and river works, where a variety of natural and dumped materials might be encountered, Neumann dredges have proven their versatility.  Neumann’s extensive dredging experience also makes our dredges highly suited for a variety of material types often encountered in flood prevention and environmental rehabilitation works.