Wavebreak Island Project Completed

Posted on 16/01/17

South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging Works All Wrapped Up

Neumann Contractors has completed the dredging of the South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel for the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Scope of Works

Nu Endeavour

The Nu Endeavour is a 450mm Cutter Suction Dredge It is 34.78m long and has a maximum digging depth of 15m. It has a total power of 1,454KW (1,500hp) and has the capacity of pumping up to 650m3 of sand per hour up to a distance of 1,000m.


South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging - Google Maps Link

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Currumbin Creek Dredged for 2016

Posted on 01/12/16

Currumbin Creek Dredging & Palm Beach Nourishment – 2016

Neumann Contractors have completed dredging of Currumbin Creek for 2016 for the Gold Coast City Council. The works are part of a 4-6 year contract with the Gold Coast City Council for...

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Dredging Finished at Cabbage Tree Point

Posted on 20/11/16

Cabbage Tree Point Maintenance Dredging and Beach Nourishment

Neumann Contractors was have successfully completed the maintenance dredging in the Main Channel North at Cabbage Tree Point for the Gold Coast Waterways Authority.

Over 15,000m3 of...

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Cabbage Tree Point Dredging Kicks Off

Posted on 11/10/16

Cabbage Tree Point Dredging and Beach Nourishment 2016

Dredging has commenced in the Main Channel North at Cabbage Tree Point.  Approximately 15,700m3 of material will be dredged from the channel to a designed depth of -2.7m LAT.  The sand will...

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2016 Tallebudgera Dredging Completed

Posted on 20/09/16

Annual Dredging and Beach Nourishment Works Completed for 2016

Neumann Contractors have completed the dredging works in Tallebudgera Creek for 2016.  This year over 30,000 m3 of clean sand was dredged from the Tallebudgera Creek to replenish...

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V1 Veloway Bikeway Update - August

Posted on 30/08/16

Veloway Steel Truss Structures - Transported to Site 

Our steel fabrication team has finished the bridge structure and loaded the first truss onto the transport.

The oversize transport was from our Currumbin Yard to Juliette Street in...

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Nu Compact Begins Long Term Works

Posted on 09/08/16

Neumann Contractors Wins Dredging Works at Sand Mine

Neumann Contractors cutter suction dredge ‘Nu Compact’ has commenced dredging at a well established sand mine in Victoria.

The mine owners will be operating the dredge 24/7 for a three...

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NEW - Neumann Equipment Website

Posted on 01/08/16

Neumann Equipment has a brand new website showcasing the extensive range of equipment they design and manufacture.  These include high quality products for the following industries:

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Tallebudgera Dredging Ready to Start

Posted on 26/07/16

The annual dredging program for Tallebudgera Creek is about to commence.  The cutter suction dredge, the Nu Enterprise has been seatowed from the Broadwater and will start dredging soon.

This year an estimated 20,000m3 of clean sand will be...

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V1 Veloway Bikeway Update - July

Posted on 08/07/16

The steel fabrication of the Veloway Steel Truss Sections is winding down and Neumann Contractors is progressing on to the next stage of the works on the Veloway Truss Bridge. Neumann Contractors crew is currently fitting up the truss...

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V1 Veloway Bikeway Update - June

Posted on 08/06/16

V1 Veloway Bikeway Update

Our steel fabrication team is making great progress in assembling the first ten steel fabricated sections to complete Truss 1 which will cover the first 45 metres of the 135 metre long Veloway Bikeway Bridge Structure.

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Corrie Channel Dredging

Posted on 15/05/16

Corrie Channel Dredging and Beach Nourishment Ready to Start

The Corrie Channel is situated at the confluence between the Lower Myall River and Port Stephens Estuary on the north-western side of Corrie Island.  The required dredge site itself...

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V1 Veloway Bikeway Update - May

Posted on 04/05/16

Fabrication Works Well Under Way!

Neumann Contractors is well under way with the steel fabrication of the Veloway steel fabricated bridge structure and have delivered their first load to the galvanisers.

Donmay Transport is chosen as our...

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Gold Coast Dredging Starts Soon

Posted on 07/04/16

South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging to commence soon!

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the dredging contract for South Channel and South Wavebreak Island Channel Dredging 2016 project, on the Gold Coast,...

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Broadwater Parklands - Dredging and Reclamation works complete

Posted on 22/03/16

Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 was officially opened to the public in February 2016. Stage 3 continues the master plan vision for Broadwater Parklands, with the addition of 3.5 hectares of land to the north of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre at...

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V1 Veloway Bikeway

Posted on 21/03/16

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the steel fabrication contract for V1 Veloway Bikeway Stage D (Packages 2 & 4) by Queensland Bridge and Civil.

This portion of the V1 Veloway Bikeway Project is for a 135 metre long bridge structure over...

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Maroochy Dredging 2016 - Completed

Posted on 18/03/16

Maroochy Foreshore Replenishment Dredging 2016 Works All Wrapped Up

The Maroochy River dredging and the associated beach nourishment works for 2016 has been successfully completed by Neumann Contractors.

The works involved the dredging of...

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Maroochy Beach Nourishment 2016

Posted on 12/02/16

Maroochy Foreshore Replenishment Dredging 2016

Neumann Contractors have been contracted by the Sunshine Coast City Council to conduct additional beach nourishment works between Maroochydore SLSC and Alexandra Headland SLSC.  The works are an...

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Currumbin Creek Dredging Completed

Posted on 18/12/15

Currumbin Creek Dredging all Wrapped Up for 2015

The dredging of Currumbin Creek has been completed for 2015. Approximately 40,000m3 of sand was pumped to Palm Beach this year.

Neumann Contractors have undertaken the dredging works in...

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Steel Work for SEQ Rail Stabling Project

Posted on 11/11/15

Queensland Rail Stabling Program

Neumann Contractors have been engaged by Fenpac to manufacture and supply the fabricated steelwork for the South-East Queensland Rail Stabling Program.

FACT SHEET - South-East Queensland Rail Stabling ProgramFact Sheet - South-East Queensland Rail Stabling Program 

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Currumbin Creek Dredging Underway

Posted on 02/10/15

Currumbin Creek Dredging and the Replenishment of Palm Beach is Underway for 2015

Neumann Contractors have commenced dredge mobilisation works in  Currumbin Creek for 2015.  The pipeline and booster pump will be set up over the next week...

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Neumann Equipment Acquires Rockcrush Range of Equipment

Posted on 01/10/15

Neumann Equipment (A Division of Neumann Contractors Pty Ltd) has recently acquired the Intellectual Property of Rockcrush IP Pty Ltd including the rights to manufacture and sell all of the former Rockcrush Dredge, Winch and Cable...

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VMS Structures for Aldridge Electrical

Posted on 17/09/15

Hold Down Bolt Assemblies and VMS Structures

Neumann Contractors have been contracted by Aldridge Electrical Industries for the supply and delivery of Hold Down Bolt Assemblies and a VMS T-Structure for the Cooroy to Curra Pacific Highway...

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Maroochy River Dredging Completed

Posted on 15/09/15

Moroochy Foreshore Replenishment Dredging Project 

The Maroochy River Dredging and Beach Nourishment Works for 2015 has been completed by Neumann Contractors.

The Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) required the dredging of sand within the Maroochy...

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Swell Sculpture Festival - 2015

Posted on 14/09/15

Beautiful Art on Currumbin Beach

Every year fantastic artists from all other the world submit their best pieces of work to be displayed at the Swell Sculpture Festival on the Gold Coast.  This year over 50 amazing sculptures are being...

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Swell Sculpture Festival - 2015 (page 2)

Posted on 14/09/15

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Dredging finished in Tallebudgera Creek

Posted on 09/09/15

Tallebudgera Creek Maintenance Dredging has been completed for 2015 and Burleigh Beach is looking Great! 

The dredging of Tallebudgera Creek has been completed for 2015.  Approximately 25,000m3 of sand was pumped to Burleigh Beach this year....

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Water Pipes - Blast and Paint

Posted on 17/08/15

Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coating of Water Pipes for Viadux, Gold Coast 

Viadux has been a long time client for Neumann Contractors for Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coatings.

Our Abrasive Blast and Industrial Coatings facility is...

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Gold Coast Mayor - Tom Tate visits Tallebudgera Creek Dredging Site

Posted on 13/08/15

Mayor Tom Tate takes a first-hand look at dredging progress

Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate and Gold Coast City Council Coastal Engineer, Kim Bowra visited our dredging works at Tallebudgera Creek last week.  Mayor Tom Tate climbed onboard a...

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Iluka Boat Harbour Dredging Commences

Posted on 10/08/15

Dredging has begun in the Iluka Boat Harbour Approach Channels

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the contract to dredge the Iluka Boat Harbour and entrance channel by the New South Wales Department of Finance and Services for Trade &...

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New 250mm Cutter Suction Dredge Under Construction

Posted on 06/08/15

New Dredge Under Construction

The steel fabrication department has recently started the steel fabrication works on our 3 rd dredge for our 250 mm cutter suction dredge range to expand our current dredge fleet. Works are progressing on...

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Tallebudgera Creek Dredging Commences

Posted on 04/08/15

Tallebudgera Creek Dredging Commences - 2015

The annual dredging program for Tallebudgera Creek has commenced.

Neumann Contractors have been engaged by the Gold Coast City Council to undertake dredging and replenishments works in both the...

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Power Coated Bridge Balustrades for Davbridge Constructions

Posted on 09/07/15

Neumann Contractors is loading the delivery of 138 metres of steel fabricated, galvanized and powder coated bridge balustrade complete with bicycle rails and tapping rails.

This delivery completes all the steel fabricated items for the first...

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Galvanised Bridge Rails for Davbridge Constructions

Posted on 19/06/15

Neumann Contractors have been contracted by Davbridge Constructions for the steel fabrication of 740 metres Bridge Traffic Rail and 370 metres of Balustrade for three bridges on their Lake Kawana Boulevard Project.

Steel fabrication is well...

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Maroochy Foreshore Replenishment Dredging

Posted on 09/06/15

Maroochy River Dredging and Beach Replenishment Works has commenced!

Neumann Contractors have been awarded a Channel Maintenance and Beach Nourishment project with the Sunshine Coast Council.  The project involves the dredging of 70,000 m3...

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What is Abrasive Blasting?

Posted on 12/05/15

Abrasive Blasting

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a...

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Broadwater Parklands - Dredging and Reclamation

Posted on 28/02/15

Dredging and Reclamation Works Progressing Well

Neumann Contractors was awarded the dredging and reclamation works for the Gold City Council's Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 in early January.  Works are well under way are progressing well.  The...

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Corridor Sands

Posted on 01/02/15

Corridor Sands has been supplying quality sand products to the concrete, asphalt, construction, building and landscaping industries since 2009.

All Corridor Sands’ products are manufactured to meet relevant Quality Assurance standards.


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Swansea Channel and Beach Nourishment Works Completed

Posted on 30/01/15

Swansea Channel Maintenance Dredge and Blacksmiths Beach Nourishment Works Have Been Completed

Scope of Work

The aim of the dredging campaign was to create a stable navigation channel to reduce the frequency of periodic follow-up dredging. All...

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What is Sandblasting?

Posted on 12/01/15

What is Sandblasting?

The Term "Sand" in Sandblasting:    Sandblasting is a very general term which is used to describe the process of propelling very small bits of material at high speed to clean or etch a surface. Sand (silica sand, beach...

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Merry Christmas 2014

Posted on 08/12/14

Neumann Contractors would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year

Swansea Channel Dredging Underway

Posted on 24/11/14

Dredging has commenced in the Swansea Channel.  The dredging will provide an improved navigation channel and boost safety for local boaties.

Dredging was expected to start mid October, but was delayed waiting for Environmental Approvals.  The...

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Canaipa Passage Navigational Channel Reopened

Posted on 04/07/14

Dredging has been completed in the Canaipa Passage

The Canaipa Passage navigation channel has reopened.  Dredging works to realign the channel have been completed in this important link between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Waterways...

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Rust Grading and Classes of Abrasive Blasting

Posted on 28/06/14

Neumann Contractors - Abrasive Blasting

All abrasive blasting performed at the Neumann Contracting Abrasive Blasting facility in Currumbin is done in accordance with Australia Standards AS 1627.4-2005 Metal finishing—Preparation and ...

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Dredging Completed - Bundaberg Burnett River Dredging 2014

Posted on 27/05/14

Dredging works have been completed in Burnett River near Kirby's Wall

Neumann Contractors have recently completed dredging works in Queensland's Burnett River near Kirby's Wall. The job involved deepening the navigational channel and placement...

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Nu Explorer in PNG

Posted on 23/04/14

Dredge 11 Nu Explorer arrives in Papua New Guinea

After completing initial tests successfully, the newly manufactured dredge the Nu Explorer was shipped off to the OK Tedi Mine in Papua New Guinea.

Two 40 foots container housed the dredge, and...

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Dredging Commences in Burnett River

Posted on 03/04/14

Burnett River Maintenance Dredging 2014

Neumann Contractors have started dredging works in the Burnett River near Kirby's Wall.  The 450mm Cutter Suction Dredge, Nu Endeavour will be used to dredge the navigational channel and the material will...

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Canaipa Passage Maintenance Dredging 2014

Posted on 26/03/14

Neumann Contractors have commenced dredging works in the Canaipa Passage

Canaipa Passage is a 13 kilometre secondary navigation channel between North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island in southern Moreton Bay.  The channel is heavily used by...

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Dredging Completed at Port of Bundaberg

Posted on 20/01/14

In January 2013, the Port of Bundaberg was significantly impacted by flooding, which caused unprecedented siltation in the Port Channel, Swing Basin and Berth Pockets. Apart from the unprecedented siltation event in the channel, the port also...

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Neumann Contractors Awarded Bundaberg Port’s - Cutter Suction Dredging Works

Posted on 11/09/13

Neumann Contractors have been awarded the Cutter Suction Dredging Works for Bundaberg Port's Swing Basin, Departure Channel and Inner Reach.

In January 2013, the Port of Bundaberg was significantly impacted by flooding, causing unprecedented...

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NU-EXPLORER - New Dredge Under Construction

Posted on 26/08/13

Neumann Contractors are currently constructing a new dredge to add to the company's dredge fleet.

The Nu Explorer has been specifically designed to be ultra portable.  The dredge can be easily and cost effectively transported to anywhere in the...

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Channel Maintenance and Beach Nourishment

Posted on 23/07/13

Dredging at Currumbin Creek has Commenced

Currumbin Creek is managed through an annual dredging program. This program provides many benefits including flood mitigation, improved water quality and minor beach nourishment to southern Palm Beach.


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Dredging at EHM reaches 1,500,000 tonne milestone

Posted on 08/05/13

Dredging at Ernest Henry Mine reached the significant milestone of 1,500,000 tonnes during June 2013.  

The Nu-Compact is currently operating on a 24/7 basis pumping approximately 400 tonnes per hour to the EHM plant which is removing the...

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